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Fasiltas Pendidikan


  • Digital and Manual Laboratories
  • Center for Accountancy Studies and Development (P3A)
  • Student Assistants’ Program
  • e-Learning system
  • On-line registration
  • Free Textbooks (Accountancy Principle, Intermediate Accountancy, Advanced Accountancy, Managerial Accountancy, Accountancy Information System, and Auditing and Assurance)
  • Certification Centre of Professional Accountant



The Accountancy Program has established cooperations with various organizations, industries, government sectors, business corporations, institutes and foundations, i.e. Indonesian Institute of Accountants (Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia-IAI), Indonesian Institute of Accountancy Management (IAMI), Smart Consultant, PT. Marimas, PT. Nikisae, PT. Djarum Tbk., KKS Bongsari, CCF, KAP Jimmy and Jansen, Values Plus, PT. Zamzibar, PT. Polytron, PT. Nufarindo, Budi Darmodjo Accountancy and Taxation Firm, Edy Kaslim Accountancy and Taxation Firm, Hananta Accountancy and Taxation Firm, Institute of City Language, Ministry of Environment, State Minister of State Owned Enterprises, K-System, Archdiocese of Semarang, Dena Upakara Foundation, Helen Keiler Indonesia Foundation