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Architecture Program

Bringing Locality to the Global Stage

The Architecture program was founded in 1967 and is the oldest department at Soegijapranata Catholic University (originally part of Atma Jaya Catholic University Semarang). Currently there are more than 2100 alumnae holding strategic positions in bureaucratic administration, large businesses, higher education institutions as well as related professional associations.

As part of society, the Architecture program develops a pattern of scientific principles in eco-architecture which focuses attention on harmony and balance of life, the macro and micro cosmos, between human and the natural, through the creation of buildings and the built environment as a medium.


Being a superior and professional Architecture Study Program at the Faculty of Architecture and Design Unika Soegijapranata, and accommodating to the latest global and actual problems, based on concern for the environment.


  • Organizing creative and innovative architecture study, environmental responsiveness and quality of life.
  • Create research oriented and grounded in the development of architectural science based on applicable ecology, technology and art.
  • Build community service as a manifestation of the application of architectural science based on ecology, technology and art.
  • Implement the development of science and architectural design from the results of scientific work in teaching.
  • Organizing interactive learning processes using learning technology.
  • Organizing learning processes and competency-based curriculum and entrepreneurship in the field of architectural services.
  • Realizing participation, membership and cooperation between institutions and individuals in society, in the context of scientific studies, architectural design and distribution competitions.

Development Cluster

The Development Cluster of the Architectural Study Program consists of:

  • Design Development Cluster.
  • Clump of Technology Development and Construction Management.
  • Clump of Development of Architectural Theory and History.
  • Urban and Settlement Development Development Cluster.
    The development group serves to oversee the lecture material provided.