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Laboratory of the Faculty of Architecture and Design


Faculty of Architecture and Design has 6 laboratories which can all be used for the needs of the academic community in the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

fasilitas2However, of the five laboratories is in daily use are divided into two groups:

Laboratory I (mostly used by Architecture Study Program) which consists of

  • Building Physics Laboratory
  • Laboratory Wood
  • Urban Laboratory and
  • Materials Technology Laboratory

Laboratory II (widely used to support teaching and learning activities in the course of Visual Communication Design) which consists of

  • Laboratory Audio Visual
  • Laboratory Photography


Laboratory owned by the Faculty of Architecture and Design is used by Visual Communication Design course as supporting Photography courses given during the second semester of Visual Communication Design Studies Program.
Photography with a simple standard Laoratorium a Studio Photography with completeness:

  • Some studio lights complete with its stand
  • Standard Reflector
  • Space Discussion

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fasilitas8Laboratory with the strength of 26 units I Mac 27 “As the facilities provided to support the activities of lectures at the Faculty of Architecture and Design.
While it is still used by the majority of progdi DKV.

Selection of use Imac units intended as preparation of students to be able to go into the field will megingat company engaged in the design, especially with regard to the print world will use this device in the execution of a wide variety of his project.

fasilitas9 fasilitas10 Lab. Komputer


Building Physics Laboratory was used to study a wide range of issues related to pengkodisian space (especially for lighting and thermal problems)
Laboratories are equipped with various forms of lighting is the result of collaboration between the Faculty of Architecture and Design Unika Soegijapranata with manufacturers of equipment related to lighting, Philips.

In the laboratory is able to try the effects of various types of lighting in terms of color or illumination level.

fasilitas11 fasilitas12 Lab.-Fisbang


Laboratory located at the 3rd floor of Building Constant Henricus This serves to learn about the development of the morphology of the city (especially Semarang) as a reinforcement of the knowledge of Semarang for architecture students.

Laboratory which will be equipped with a model city of Semarang is currently in a period of development, currently has facilities

  • Courtroom / small discussion
  • Reading room
  • Books related to urban and residential

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fasilitas15Laboratory Wood Workshop begins to make / prepare various matters relating to the timber is intended to introduce to the students about the various processes that can be treated to wood.

Complete tools wood processing remedy is currently used not only for students of architecture, but also used by students when progdi DKV would do if anything relating to wood processing.

Existing equipment in the laboratory, these include the wood

  • Cutter
  • Machine pasha
  • Sanding machine
  • Lathe

Things to consider while in the lab Wood is the same as in other laboratory is prudence in the use of tools.

fasilitas16 fasilitas17 Lab.-Kayu


Laboratory created with the aim to provide knowledge about the development of building materials is located adjacent to the timber laboratory.

In this laboratory of which there are a collection of

  • Examples of light steel structure,
  • concrete examples of pre-press technology
  • Examples of the use of technology sanitaire for residential buildings
  • Collection specification of building materials

All of which are intended to mahassiswa who are conducting studies in architectural studies program can plan the building is being planned.

fasilitas18 Lab.-Teknologi