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Prospek Lulusan | Career Opportunities

Since 2003, Soegijapranata Catholic University of Architecture’s Allumni is known that average work waiting time of new graduates is less than 3 months. Some of the graduates who have not “worked” actually have worked independently or are interning professionally with a senior architect.

The support of lifelong learning from the Architecture Program to its alumni is carried out continuously by holding seminars and training both with the substance of new science and technology and the development of entrepreneurship. This activity often involves experts, professionals, and great motivational lectures from both inside and outside the campus environment.

Here are career opportunities for Bachelor of Architecture:


Practitioners who design buildings with moderate complexity and assistants from professional architects who handle design projects and architectural policies for advanced / complex, residential and urban buildings. (Related to professional organizations.)


Construction design practitioners and building physics and developers related to technology and ecology.


Researchers who are able to design and conduct research in the field of architecture.


Dedication to the alma mater, alumni who have spread throughout the archipelago and even abroad can help new graduates in terms of career development and further collaboration.

The Alumni of the Architecture Study Program is incorporated into the Soegijapranata Architecture Study Program Alumni Association (IKASA-SUPRA = Soegijapranata Bachelor of Architecture Association) with its head office in the city of Semarang.

Some of Unika Alumni who work in national and international :