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Tentang Game Technology

The prospect of the creative game industry and animation is very promising. As proof this creative industry has contributed 7 perecent to the domestic bruto product (Kompas, 7 September 2011).

In line with the development and a wider penetration technology which is spreading in the community, and the government’s support for a creative industry, the game business in Indonesia is growing very rapidly. Many game products are enjoyed by various levels of age groups and sexes. Even in the area of medical science, games are used as a media to treat patients. Due to these conditions, professional human resources in the area needs to be prepared to capture this opportunity.

The Faculty of Computer Science, through the Game Technology undergraduate program strives to produce games in various equipments (BlackBerry, Android, iPad, Laptop, Netbook, Game Online, etc). Through the curriculum that is planned for the entrepreneurs, students are also encouraged to establish their own game business. Thus, since the beginning, students have the independence to decide on their own future.


The curriculum focuses on the competition of making games and entrepreneurship in the creative game industry area. Students can finish their studies with 144 credits and in 3.5 years.

Game Club

This game lover club is established to create students’ self-development for games, make opportunities in creative game industries, or produce newspaper articles, books, or scientific journal.

Career Opportunities

  • Programmer in Game and Animation industries
  • Outsourcing  Animation industries and world Games
  • Entrepreneurs in Games and Animation


Sandjojo Foundation, PT. Djarum, Astra – Reguler, Supersemar, Salim Foundation, Van Deventer Maas Stichting (VDMS), Misereor (APTIK), P & K Pemda. Jateng, PPA (Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik), BBM (Bantuan Belajar mahasiswa), Beasiswa Unggulan Kementrian Pendidikan Nasional (Kemdiknas).


Cooperation has been formed with more than 50 universities inside and outside the country with regards to exchange students and collaborative research. The students have a chance to gather a wider knowledge in the area of Game Development within the national and international scale.

Teaching Staff

All of the teaching staff has a qualified Doctor’s or Masters Degree.

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