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Program Description


The bachelor program of Management was founded in 1982 and received A score from the National Accreditation Board. The Faculty aims to produce graduates who are competent in managerial and entrepreneurial fields, who possess ethical and global perspectives. The graduates are expected to have knowledge and skills relevant to business development and to the surrounding communities.

This program also offers company internship as an option for students to support the preparation of their thesis and future employment.

Students enrolled in this program are expected to possess excellent managerial skill, in the field of marketing, human resources, production, and finance. In addition to becoming practitioners, graduates who take the plunge to become academics have been equipped with the ability to conduct sharp and comprehensive theoretical analyses. Thus, they can make better assessments and adjust to the dynamic development of management science. As a researcher, they must be equipped with sharp and comprehensive academic skills to conduct scientific research in accordance with development and market demands.

Future graduates in this program can also pursue entrepreneurial careers as either independent entrepreneurs or as part of good manufacturing and services company