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We adopt a competency based curriculum. Study activities are conducted in the following methods: lectures, presentations, discussions, structured guidance and field surveys. For a greater understanding of the practical world, students can work as interns in various companies as well as seminars with guest lecturers. Students are also given the opportunity to undertake an internship at medium scale companies. The Management Department equips graduates with hard skills (logical and analytical skills, knowledge of field, ability to work independently) which are relevant with the expected competence and the development of soft skills.

REGULAR – In order to graduate, students need to complete 144 credits. All courses are offered every semester. This system allows students to complete their studies within 7 semesters (3.5 years).

The course concentrations that may interest students are:

Concentration Competencies Built
Creative Marketing Management Able to do marketing research and planning
Integrated Operational Able to arrange and apply the operational
Management system based on information technology
Finance and Investment Able to analyze and manage the company’s finance, capital, and money market
Strategy and Development of Human Resources Able to become professionals in the field of industrial relationships and human resources management
Entrepreneurship Able to become independent entrepreneurs or intrapreneurship


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