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The Indonesia’s development program has now entered the era of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Health development is one of the goals that gets special and considerable attention. The field of health care, both of individuals and of communities,is factually facing  increasing and intensive competition and as the consequence the demands and requirements about it are getting diversed. Besides, the development of technology in health affairs as well as in information technology also significantly affect it. This facts then make many legal issues in the health mattters emerge. To handle any legal problem, ethics and human rights in the health matter, experts in the field of health law are needed.

Soegijapranata Catholic University of Semarang has a high commitment to any legal issue of health matters. Protection of the rights and obligations of the health care providers and customers is one of the issues being studied. Similarly, any legal problem of hospital and public health affairs related to the health insurance management is to be the focus of the study. To achieve the objectives described above, Soegijapranata Catholic University has opened Health Law Postgraduate Program (the first Health Law Postgraduate Program erected in Indonesia) that is expected to produce masters in the fields of hospital law, public health law, and of the health law enforcement. Until now the Program has successfully graduated ± 500 mastersspreading over Indonesia that served in various government agencies, hospitals and other health facilities, universities, professional organizations, NGOs, etc.
The Vision:

To be excellent academic community in the field of health law upholding Christian values ​​based on love, justice, honesty, ethics, and humanity.


The Missions:

  1. To develop the health law as an interdisciplinary field of studies.
  2. To develop the health law as a sub-system of the Indonesian legal system.
  3. To encourage understanding and implementing law upholding ethical values ​​in health sectors.
  4. To organize and develop education, researches, and community services in the field of health law so that there will balance of the legal protection for the health care providers (HCPs) and for the health care receivers (HCRs).
  5. To give attention and seek solutions to any legal problem in health field faced by the people through the academic community.
  6. To develop a network of partnerships with various institutional and professional organizations related to health law


The Objectives:

The educational objective of the Postgraduate Program of Legal Studies, Concentration on Health Law, of Soegijapranata Catholic University is to produce graduates who:

  1. have professional natures in the field of health law is capable to develop the health law as a sub system of national law and is responsive to the actual problems in the field of health affairs;
  2. have critical, humanistic, and ethical thinking in analyzing health issues and legal problems faced by sticking to the principles of human rights;
  3. have professional natures in handling cases, both litigation and non-litigation, relating with actual problems in the health law field.
  4. have opportunity to continue their study to a higher level and are ready to enter the international job market.

Registration Requirements

The registration is carried out twice during one academic year that is in the odd semester and the even semester.To be accepted as a student of the Postgraduate Program of Legal Studies, Concentration on Health Law, a prospective student should meet the basic requirements as follows:

  1. should be a bachelor (S-1) of any discipline or a graduate of Diploma IV on health field;
  2. to submit a copy of the bachelor or diploma certificate and the transcriptswhich have been approved by the competent authority;
  3. to submit a medical certificate;
  4. to have GPA of 3.00 at the minimum;
  5. to pass the screening test, both of Academic Potential Test (TPA) and interviews;
  6. to attach a TOEFL certificate with a score of 500 at the minimum.

The registration could be done through:

  1. e-mail: mh.kes@unika.ac.id
    2. The online; could be accessed via the web of www.unika.ac.id
  2. Visit the Secretariate of the Health LawPostgraduate Program:
    Thomas Aquinas building, floor 4, Catholic University Soegijapranata
    Jl. PawiyatanLuhur IV/nr. 1,BendanDhuwur Semarang, 50234
    Tel. (024) 8441555 ext. 1350
    C P: EndangWahyati (08122892617), Hermin (085716441180)

Education Fees:

  1. Registarion Fee : IDR 500.000,-
  2. Matriculation Fee : IDR 2.500.000,-
  3. Principal Tuition (UKP) : IDR 1.750.000,- per semester
  4. Semester Credit Fee (UKS) : IDR 450.000,- per credit
  5. Thesis Examination Fee : IDR 3.750.000,-