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Program Studi Magister Teknologi Pangan

delivers mastery level of education and research in food science and technology to support sustainable food system, particularly in the area of food quality management, product development and marketing, and culinary nutrition.

Accredited No. 005/BAN/-PT/AK-X/2013



To become an academic community having critical, thoughtful, and aware in education, research, and community service in the area of food science and technology.



  1. To deliver knowledge and skills on food science and technology at mastery level, particularly on the area of food quality management, marketing and product development, and culinary nutrition.
  2. To improve analytical skills for solving actual problems related food in society and to apply food quality and safety management system in an organization.
  3. To provide sustainable and high quality of education, research, and community service in an atmosphere of discipline, punctual, and active, based on the Christian values of love, justice, and honesty.



  1. Graduates can understand the vital role of food science and technology for improving health and quality of life.
  2. Graduates able to understand, organize, and examine the issues of sustainable food system within three sub-systems:
    • Availability, development of product, and consumers.
    • Food quality and safety management.
    • Culinary technology and nutrition
  3. Graduates can identify, analyze, and solve food problems in science and society and to anticipate future trends.