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Kegiatan Mahasiswa

Here are the following events held by Executive Body of the Faculty of Psychology of Soegijapranata Catholic University 2015/2016:

  1. PICASO (Psychology Academic Sogijapranata Competition)

Picaso is a series of academic events held for both highschool and university students. Picaso presents a competition to let highschool students in Semarang City perform their intelligence and accuracy. For the university level, Picaso presents a debate competition that has now been running for 5 years this year. This debate competition invites every Faculty of Psychology throughout Java and Bali islands.

Picaso, carried out in March and May 2016, will also introduce our faculty, with its vision and mission, to highschool students in Semarang and to universities throughout Java and Bali. Therefore, we hope to build and strengthen relations with other schools and universities.


  1. LKTD (Latihan Kepemimpinan Tingkat Dasar)

LKTD is a training event to find leaders amongst our students that can manage and participate in student organizations. Students trained in LKTD are expected in the near future to bring change in our faculty and/or our university. LKTD trains students to be critical, creative, caring, visionary and strong. LKTD will be held in April 2016.


  1. WARNING (Ormawa Training)

Warning is an event held to train the new Senate and Executive Body of the faculty and help them learn about the structure of student organizations in the faculty. Warning also trains the members of the new Senate and Executive Body about teamwork while mainly teaching them about their respective job descriptions. Warning will be held in September 2016.


  1. SINERGI (Apresiasi Olahraga dan Seni Warga Psikologi)

Sinergi is a series of three big events. Sinergi includes a sports event for the whole class of 2012-2015 of the Faculty of Psychology, an assortment of food stands and other stands, and the peak of the event is the arts performance from the many extracurricular clubs that the faculty has.

Sinergi is a public event held by the Faculty of Psychology at Soegijapranata Catholic University. The main purpose of this event is to introduce our beloved faculty to other people through arts. This event will be held throughout the end of May and the start of June 2016.


  1. PSYFORTY ( Psychology for Humanity)

Psyforty is an event that is held to increase the empathy and care of students towards the elderly. We are specifically targeting the elderly of Panti Wreda.

The event is held with a fun and meaningful approach with the hopes that the students who participate will become more considerate and become a vessel to apply the knowledge they received in regards to the elderly. This event will be held in the month of May 2016.


  1. ABDIKU (Pengabdian Psikologi Satu)

Abdiku is an annual live-in event for new students that is  held to give back to nearby villages. The live-in itself includes a series of events which has activities related to dedication, service and giving back. The annual live-in is held in hope to familiarize the new students to each other. This event will be held in September 2016.


  1. PSYCHONATION (Psychology Sport and Art Competition)

Psychonation is a competition in sports and art held for highschool students (SMA/MA/SMK) throughout Central Java. This year, Psychonation will be held on February 23rd -27th, 2016.

Psychonation is held to introduce the Faculty of Psychology to highschool students through sports. This event is also held to introduce the vision and mission of the faculty which is centered around health psychology. Psychonation is held to help improve the quality of health psychology amongst highschool students with sports, which will improve health and fitness.