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Similar to the gender role in Indonesia, men are expected to be the head of his own household, and women are expected to produce heirs and raise them. Sharing cultural values with the gender expectations in Indonesia, the Japan Club Unika decided to discuss and research about the gender roles in Japan more deeply.

On June, 19 2015, the workshop of “Gender Roles in Japan” was held and attended by 8 participants. The main topic that was discussed was the difference of gender expectations that were created by the society. Thus the workshop started with discussing the history of gender role, in which the gender role in Japan was loosely based on Confucian teachings (focusing on family). 

After that the discussion moved onto the role of women and men during World War II, as women were expected to remain chastise, and men were expected to have a sense of “brotherhood”, to contribute to their motherland until the point of casting their own life (Kamikaze). Also, soldiers are allowed to “use” women, as they have access to professional prostitutes. The government at that time thought that men who abstained from doing sex will fight poorly. The “ideal” men in Japan are somewhat different to the macho men in The West. Men in Japan are expected to master literature, arts, besides having “manly” qualities.

And moving on to the present day, emancipation for women has begun to progress, although slowly. Some men are now more involved in raising kids, and some women work. Amidst that, Japan is also having crisis in birthrate: many people prefer not to get married, as they will feel like they are tied down and forced to produce money in order for their family to survive.


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