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The department was established as a response towards the growing needs of expertise in English language which also makes use of arts as a media of communication. The program was designed to produce graduates who possess oral and written competencies in English language, literature, and teaching. Students in this program can choose one of the two concentrations offered: linguistics, literature and Englishpreneurship. Graduation from the program requires the completion of 144 credit hours during 3.5 to 4 years of study.


Becoming an excellent community of academic having cultural insights in the field of English language and literature to establish professional and humanistic personals based on Christian values .


1. Organize a quality and competitive education in the fields of language, culture, and English literature appropriate to the needs of stakeholders.
2. Conduct research and community service in the areas of language, culture, and English literature.
3. Foster entrepreneurship skills that utilize the English language skills
4. Establish personals who have high integrity for humanity and society.
5. Establish networks with various parties related to education, research and community service in the areas of language, culture, and English literature.


1. To produce graduates who are highly competitive and have competence in accordance with the needs of stakeholders, such as to:
a. communicate in English orally and in writing
b. creatively start up creative entrepreneurial businesses by utilizing the language skills
c. adjust with a dynamic and competitive work environment

2. To conduct a study orienting in culture in the areas of language and English literature that benefit the wider community .

3. Serve the community through service programs that focus on the fields of language, culture , and English literature .

4. Increase employment opportunities through networking with stakeholders .