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Faculty Members


Dean: Angelika Riyandari, Ph.D (a_riyandari@unika.ac.id)
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs: Cecilia Titiek Murniati, Ph.D (c_murniati@unika.ac.id)
Vice Dean for Administrative Affairs: Antonius Suratno, Ph.D (a_suratno@unika.ac.id)
Vice Dean for Student Affairs: B. Retang Wohangara, SS, M.Hum (retang@unika.ac.id)


Wuryani HartantoM.A., in Applied Linguistics, Macquarie University, Australia
wuryanihartanto@gmail.comWuryani’s main research interests are in the realms of Varieties of  English spoken worldwidely, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Needs Analysis and Program Evaluation . As she has been involved in the teaching of Indonesian Language and  Culture Programs as well as designing the syllabi and developing the materials for such programs, she is also deeply interested in conducting research in the related field.
 emilia ninik Emilia Ninik AydawatiM.Hum in Applied Linguistics, Atmajaya University, Indonesia
emilianinik@unika.ac.id.Emilia Ninik is a faculty member whose research interests are in English language teaching and learning in higher education, and teaching methodology especially in teaching writing.
prf4 Antonius SuratnoM.A. in University of New Castle, United Kingdom
Ph.D, University of New Castle, United Kingdom
a.suratno@unika.ac.idAntonius Suratno’s interest remains in the field of Discourse Studies and Media Technology for TEFL.  His past, current, and future research is built on any topic in the two areas despite also doing cross-discipline research project on social-related issues in Indonesia. Among the most recent research project he is involved in, including in convening, is Students’ Perceptual Beliefs about the Information Technology for Language Learning funded by The Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education (DIKTI), and Managing Religious Diversity in the Selected Indonesian Universities funded by the United Board.
20151113_095030 Cecilia Titiek MurniatiM.A. in Applied Linguistics, Ohio University, U.S.A
Ph.D in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies, The University of Iowa, U.S.A.
c_murniati@unika.ac.idCecilia Murniati’s research interest spans the fields of higher education policies and leadership studies, teaching and learning in higher education, and the integration of technology in the classrooms. She was instrumental in the early development of the University of Iowa’s The TILE (Spaces to Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage) program through her involvement in TILE-related policy studies. One of her newest projects is to be one of the editors for e-text book project in University Network for Digital Knowledge (UNDK), a project funded by the United Board.
Angelika RiyandariM.A in English Language in Literary Studies, Nottingham University, UK
Ph.D in Asian Studies, University of Western Australia, Australia
a_riyandari@unika.ac.idAngelika Riyandari’s research mainly focuses on issues related to gender especially in literature, mass media, and pop culture. She is also interested in studies on social practices of Indonesian traditional communities in music, crafts, and dances, as well as social practices of Chinese communities. In addition to conducting research on gender, she participates in promoting gender equality by joining Women Studies Center in giving training on gender awareness to students, NGOs, and governmental institutions. She involves in promoting traditional culture by organizing English Department students to practice and perform Javanese traditional music, gamelan.
D:\`Eka HB files\documents\EKAWATI 3MAR2011-20SEP2012\S3 ayo sep2012\sandwichh Dikti\Id diri sandwich\DSC02174.jpg Ekawati Marhaenny Dukut M.Hum. & Dr. in American Studies, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
ekawati@unika.ac.idEkawati Dukut’s most recent research is about American hegemony in the popular culture of women magazine advertisements. Although advertisements have a transnational nature in space and time, the representations of women in women magazines are influenced by society’s gender ideology of domesticating women. Her research interest, thus, deals with Transnational American Studies, and Studies on Women, Gender, Advertisement, Mass Communication, Consumer culture, Hegemony ideology, and Multicultural identity. To sharpen her research interest with the latest academic trends, she continually update it while being chief editor of Celt and being a guest reviewer and editor to other international and local Indonesian journals.

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G.M. AdhyanggonoM.A. in English Literature, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Ph.D Candidate in Film Studies, University of Lancaster, UK
adhy@unika.ac.id.With a passion for the interdisciplinary studies of literature, folklore,ethnicity, and film pertaining to social and cultural issues, Adhyanggono’s research interest revolves around the cultural intertextuality operating in films, especially in documentary, indie, and short films.
Capture B. Retang WohangaraM.Hum in English Studies, Sanata Dharma University, Indonesia
Ph.D Candidate in Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, U.S.A. retang@unika.ac.idB. Retang Wohangara’s research interests are in the domain of folklore studies, especially verbal folklore covering folktales, folksong, and ritual language. One of his newest research is Contextual analysis and Interpretation of Sumbanese marriage ritual couplets. One coming project is to record, classify, and publish the folkloric expressions of  Sumbanese people, living in the eastern part of Indonesia.
 Heny Heny HartonoM.Pd in English Education Semarang State UniversityDoctoral Candidate in English Education, Semarang State Universityheny@unika.ac.id

Heny Hartono’s research interests are in the field of second language acquisition and English teaching and learning. Her recent researches are mainly focused on the communicative competence of teachers who teach in primary bilingual programs. Her concerns on the teaching of English especially to the young learners are shown in her involvement in the trainings of how to teach in English for primary bilingual program teachers. Her book “How to teach in English” is also dedicated to teachers who have to teach in English.