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Curriculum and Learning Facilities


English Department offers three concentrations: Linguistics, Literature, and Englishpreneurship. The curriculum is structured as the following:

Required courses 132 credit hours

Optional courses 12 elective

We offer English language skill courses (92 – 84 credit hours) and content courses (40 – 44 credit hours).

In order to graduate students have to pass 144 credit hours and participate in at least 10 student activities and organizations.

Learning Facilities

The academic programs in FLA are supported by a language laboratory equipped with multilab program which enables students to do online and offline exercises in the class. Other academic support is a multimedia room which provides access to internet for students to search for academic information.

Englishpreneurship program which is the combination of English language program and entrepreneurship, facilitates students to initiate their own business through projects managed by  Englishpreneurship business incubator unit.

Faculty of Language and Arts also has units to serve external parties:

  1. Centre for Language Training (CLT) which offers English language courses (General English and English for Specific Purposes) and English language testing (ITP TOEFL and IELTS Test );
  2. Indonesian Language and Cultural Centre (ILCC) which gives Indonesian language courses and Indonesian language test;
  3. Englishpreneurship Business Unit (EBU) which provides translation and grammar check services.