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Career Prospects and Alumnae Profiles

Graduate Profiles

The Graduates of English Department can work as:

a. English education practitioner

b. English course owner/manager

c. Translator/Interpreter

d. Linguists

e. Literary critic

f. Language practitioner


Alumnae Profiles

Linggayani Soentoro

Pratiwi Wini Artati

Class of 2002Linggayani is an educator for a lifetime. She founded EduHouse in 2008 and has been the director since. The married mother is deeply passionate about children learning development. She also spent a lot of her time into organizational experience and coaching English Debate.

Class of 2000Pratiwi is a staff of Technology and Communication Centre, Ministry of Education and Culture (Pustekkom Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan). She is responsible for developing information technology-based model, system, and learning media for education.  She is now taking Ph.D program in Education policy at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.


Kedo Arya Aghasa Tejandaru

Tan Agung Haryono

Class of 2007
Kedo joins Indonesian Navy in 2012. His work in the Navy is to design and conduct language training for Indonesian Navy.

Class of 2004
Agung loves teaching. He establishes Dunia Bahasa, an English Course in 2008.