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Tentang Sistem Informasi

Information System

“Where Information Technology meets Business”

The development of Information Technology (IT) has caused a significant change in many aspects of life, especially in the area of business. Because of IT, work become faster and has better value and effect to companies.

Along with the increase of trust towards IT, the need for human resources who are competent in the field is expected to not only master IT as it is but also master the business logic used in business organizations. They are expected to translate the needs of organizations in a computerized system to increase the running of organizations.

The undergraduate Information System of Soegijapranata Catholic University gathers business solutions by taking advantage of information technology’s development. Graduates will not only make soft equipments or make advantages of business applications, but also synergize the business process so a solution is offered to companies.


Information System’s curriculum focuses on competences for experts in organizing digital data profesional consultants that can bridge businesses with IT and the ever growing entrepreneural area  in IT. Students can complete the study with 144 credits in 7 semesters (3.5 years).

Entrepreneur cells

Entrepreneur cells are groups of students which are formed during the course of their study to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills, provide business opportunities related to Information Technology, and produce academic essays in the form of articles and books that can inspire people to maximize IT in business.

Career Opportunities

  • Business software programmer, profesional Information System consultant
  • Online entrepreneur
  • Game Developer and Entreprenereur


Sandjojo Foundation, PT. Djarum, Astra, Van de Venter (VDMS), Supersemar, Yayasan Salim, Miserior (APTIK), P&K Pemda Jateng, Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik, Bantuan Belajar Mahasiswa, Beasiswa Unggulan Kemendikbud.



Cooperations have been formed with more than 50 universities inside and outside the country with regards to exchange students and collaborative research. The students have a chance to gather a wider knowledge in the area of Game Development within the national and international scale.

Teaching Staff

All of the teaching staff has a qualified Doctor’s or Masters Degree.